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Mullica Hill, New Jersey
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Rates & Policies


Monthly Tuition

Our tuition rates are very reasonable and are based on the amount of hours your student dances per week. Multiple class and sibling discounts are available. Call (856) 417-3207 or email us for exact pricing.

Tuition Policies

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.
  • If payment is not received by the 10th of the month a $15 late fee will be charged.
  • Fit to Dance Studio accepts cash, checks or automatic monthly credit card payments.
  • There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Costume Deposit

Each class will have a costume ordered for the recital. A $25 deposit (per costume) will be due on October 1st and again November 1st. Balance sheets will be distributed in February and must be paid by March 1st. Costumes that have been paid in full will be distributed in April on a class by class basis. *ALL COSTUME DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE*



Our Philosophy

Our vision is to offer a place for children to learn dedication, self-respect, and motivation through dance in a team-like, fun loving, and friendly atmosphere. Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child including building friendships, having fun, expressing themselves, and building character through hard work, discipline, and determination. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.

Class Expectations

We have created these Class Expectations in order to create an appropriate environment that limits distractions and helps each child to stay focused. Please share these with your dancer:

  1. Please arrive a few minutes before class so students are prepared for class. Shoes on, jackets hung up, and street clothes off. This will also lessen the distraction of entering the studio once the class has begun (see #7).
  2. Please be sure to use the bathroom facility before class begins. It's disruptive to take dancers in and out of class for the bathroom and assistants have to leave with dancers to use facility.
  3. Always wear appropriate attire for dance class and hair up (see Dress Code below).
  4. Please bring appropriate dance shoes for class in a dance bag and do not wear street shoes in dance classrooms.
  5. Names must be written in or on the bottom of all shoes. For all combo classes, students will bring their shoes into the studio and teachers will assist them when it is time to change.
  6. Please line up outside of the studio door when waiting for class to start. Students may not enter the studio until the teacher is present and gives the go ahead to enter as a class.
  7. The classroom doors will be closed for ALL student dance classes at the class start time. This will lesson distractions from hallway noise, other studios, etc. Parents can view from the windows outside of each classroom but are not allowed to enter the classroom unless they are asked by the teacher.
  8. Always be respectful to your instructors and fellow dancers. Listening is essential to the learning process and dance classes need to have an environment that allows all dancers feel safe to express themselves.
  9. If a student has more than one class in a night, we encourage you to bring a healthy snack.
  10. There will be NO FOOD ALLOWED in a studio at any time. Only water is allowed in bottles that are being brought into class.
  11. Please make payments by handing the payment directly to the receptionist or dropping the payment into one of our drop box locations on the front door or side of the receptionist desk. Please write your child’s full name on BOTH the check memo and the envelope.
  12. All studio information is sent by text, email, posted at the studio and available here on the Parent’s Corner page. It's your responsibilty to check this page and to be aware of studio happenings, event and payments.
  13. Thank for your support in upholding these expectations. We look forward to another amazing dance season!

Dress Code

TINY WINGSAny color leotard and ballet shoes. Hair pulled back.
TINY TUMBLERSLeotard or shorts and t-shirt and bare feet. Hair pulled back.
YOUNG FIREFLIESAny color leotard and tights, pink ballet and black tap shoes. Hair pulled back.
FIREFLIESAny color leotard and tights, pink ballet and black tap shoes. Hair pulled back.
DRAGONFLIESAny color leotard and tights, pink ballet and black tap shoes. Hair pulled back.
DRAGONFLIES W/ JAZZ EXTENSIONAny color leotard and tights, pink ballet, black tap, and jazz shoes. Hair pulled back.
BUTTERFLIESAny color leotard and tights, pink ballet, black tap, and jazz shoes. Hair pulled back.
BALLETTights, leotard. Hair pulled back in a bun (req). Any color any style leotard/tights. Pink ballet shoes.
JAZZLeggings or tights with leotard and hair pulled back. No baggy clothing. Black jazz shoes.
TAPLeggings or tights with leotard and hair pulled back. No baggy clothing. Black tap shoes.
CONTEMPORARYLeggings or tights. Leotard. Hair pulled back. No baggy clothing. Tan contemporary shoes.
CHEER DANCEShorts and a tank or leotard. White tennis shoes (can't be worn outside).
HIP HOPMoveable clothing and Hip Hop Sneakers. Hair pulled back.
FAMILY DANCE FITNESSMoveable clothing and sneakers. No sneakers that are worn outside. Hair pulled back.
ACRO/TUMBLINGLeotard or shorts and leotard and black Acro shoes. Hair pulled back.

Dance skirts may be worn over any leotard. Dance dresses are also acceptable.

All shoes are available for purchase in-studio at our Butterfly Boutique. The Butterfly Boutique also offers an array of dancewear and accessories.

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