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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child old enough to dance?
Yes! Our students range in age from 18 months to 18 years old. Check out the "Dance" tab for descriptions of all the classes we offer at each level.

How long/often are classes?
Classes are once a week. For the youngest students, each class is 45 minutes long. For ages 4 and up, classes are one hour. For some more experienced students, we offer 1.5 hour long classes.

Do you have any classes that will work with our schedule?
Many classes are offered at multiple times on a multiple days throughout the week so there is something for everyone! Check out the "Schedule tab" for a schedule of classes we offer during the regular season.

Why register for dance?
Many parents are enrolling their young children in dance class with hopes of dance stardom in their kids’ futures without realizing the many other benefits dance class has for these kids. Dance is not just for the aspiring professional performer. There is a place for recreational dancers in the world of dance and these students can benefit just as greatly from classes.

For the youngest dancers, class teaches them not only basic dance steps and creative movement curriculum, but peer interaction. For many young children this is the first group activity where they have the chance to interact with others their age and learn the dynamics of being in a group, all very important life skills. Students learn to take turns, they learn about personal space, when it is appropriate to hold hands in, say a partner dance or a circle dance with the class, and when it is necessary to leave their hands to themselves. All these skills are learned while enjoying the thrills of movement, new steps and fun “game like” activities that teach the fundamentals of dance. Young dancers also get to practice educational basics that are learned at school such as counting as the teacher asks them to do 4 plies or 8 tendus. They learn things such as colors, left vs. right and other movement opposites such as fast vs. slow, hard vs. soft. Being able to repeat and put into practice the basics they learn at school in a fun environment outside of their normal learning place can greatly increase the amount of information they retain and how well they can use this information.

As dancers get a little older and their classes begin to increase in difficulty, dance becomes a great tool for exercise and personal fitness. Dancing increases flexibility and improves balance and coordination, which in turn, is greatly beneficial to any other sports they may decide to play. It also teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Keeping kids active and making them realize the importance of staying active, whether it be through dance or other exercise, will be greatly beneficial to them as they continue to grow. There are of course many activities that have similar benefits, but the beauty of dance for young children is all of the skills can be practiced and improved upon while dancing to music and having fun. Making learning fun for kids is the biggest obstacle. If you can make it fun and enjoyable for them and get them interested, they are ready and willing to learn new things. Most of the time these young dancers don’t even realize they learning.

These dance classes for young children are great for personal growth and learning regardless of their desire to continue dancing in the future. All young kids can benefit from a dance class and learn things that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Have any other questions?
Give us call at (856) 417-3207 or send us an email:

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